Customs Clearing Services

Walter Genius Courier Services is a member of the Customs clearing and Freight Forwarding agents Association of Zambia (CCFFAZ). This enables us to do our own customs clearances and offer a one stop Courier, Freight and customs clearing service. This adds to our one stop Express Courier and Freight service as we do not sub contract agents to do our clearances which usually cause unnecessary delays as they often do not share our vision. At the points of entry or exit, imports, exports, and transit goods are declared to customs and subjected to customs inspection. Clients are advised at all times to make sure that their documentation is in order to help reduce costs. The following are the basic documents that are required from the client for submission to customs;


  • Manifests
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Packing lists
  • Bill of lading
  • Export declarations
  • Importers & Exporters code
  • Tax payers identification number (TPIN)


Walter Genius Courier Services offers the following customs services

Border Clearances

We facilitate border clearances for all import and export consignments at the point of entry or exit for all our clients and non-clients for as long as we get a go ahead from them. We do pre-clearances at the borders to avoid delays when we get all the documentation for the consignments.

Removal in Bond services (RIBs)

We will move your Cargo on our bond and do the final clearance in one of our warehouses. Our bonding and ex-bonding fees are very competitive as our goal is to transport, clear and deliver your goods at a very affordable rate, and in a timely manner.


When the client is ready to collect and pay for the consignment, we then start the process of removing the consignment from the customs bonded warehouse by facilitating a final clearance.

Removal in Transit services (RITs)

Walter genius Limited will also help you move your shipments through Zambia until your point of exit. This customs clearance process is executed in a speedy manner provided all documentation is in order for all our clients.

Bonded Warehousing Management

Walter Genius Limited provides excellent bonded warehousing services. We have a spacious 124 square metres secure bonded warehouse at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. We also provide road freight bonded warehousing facilities with another 384 square metres bonded warehouse which is highly secure.

Customs Clearance Duration

At Walter Genius we believe that customs clearance at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport should not take more than half a day from the time we collect the Receipt of the items held (RIH). The maximum duration should be one day. Customs clearances at the borders take not more than 1 day from the time the trucks get to the border. We also do Pre-clearances to help speed up the customs process and not delay our clients? shipments.

Customs Payments

Walter Genius Limited makes customs payments for all its existing customers to avoid any delays from the time we send out quotations. Payments are then made within an agreed period with our clients. This assists us not to pressure our clients when their consignments are at the points of entry. Additionally, this helps reduce on unnecessary delays in our service delivery.

Informed regional Compliance Services

Walter Genius Limited strives to educate the importers and exporters of goods on the regional and global compliance trade laws and to familiarise them with laws and regulations of their customs agencies. Customs laws differ from one country to another and so importers and exporters need to be educated in the following areas;


  • All government documentation needs to be submitted
  • Any special documents as demanded by individual nations
  • Insurances certificates
  • Bonded warehousing services-This can be used in some countries for duty deferments by removing the consignment in customs bonded warehouse
  • Understanding of all customs calculations and terminologies
  • To give timely updates on customs changes usually announced in the budgets but missed out by traders
  • Customs Import Vat and deposits refunds
  • Quota requirements
  • Port Health information
  • Carnets- documentation allowing certain goods to countries without paying duties. Three types of Carnets exist:
    • ATA Carnet- For temporal importation of goods and equipment
    • Carnet de passages- For motor vehicles
    • Tir Carnet- to simplify administrative formalities of transit commercial goods carried by international road transport
Customs Subsequent/Late Entries

There are a lot of things that could go wrong after the original customs entry has been done before the release of the consignment. Walter Genius Limited has got well trained staff to help resolve all the issues that come about as a result of these post entries. The following are the common activities that need attention;


  • Penalties on non-payment of goods collected on special delivery
  • Suspension of Tax payers identification number (TPIN) for the delays in payment for assessed entries
  • Customs Petitions or appeals
  • Non disclosures of commodities and invoices
  • Full disclosure and presentation of information relating to customs standards to help with compliance
  • Amendments

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