Domestic Courier Services

Under this local Courier service Walter Genius Limited provides different kinds of services tailored specifically for the organisation?s special requirements. We offer domestic Inbound and Outbound services. The following are the different types of specialised services.

Daily Pick Ups

Our couriers make it easy for companies by picking up from their premises throughout Zambia. We do not have a limit to how many times we visit your premises to pick up shipments because we understand that Courier is meant to bridge the gap between different areas of operations to fit into different demands at any given time. This removes pressure on some clients who have to send shipments anywhere depending on the demand since they know that they can depend on us at any time.

Same-Day Express Delivery

This is an express service which we provide where pick-up and delivery of shipments are done within the same day. This service is there to provide support on unexpected urgent demands or deliveries.

City Limits Service

This is a specialized service that works on the same-day Service principle and is available for all Walter Genius Clients for the following;

  • Delivery of bills
  • Delivery of medications
  • Delivery of examinations papers
  • Delivery of invitation cards
  • Delivery of summons
  • Delivery of cheques
  • Delivery of any purchased items within the city limits
  • Delivery of any documentation within the city limits
Inter-City Courier Services

The inter-City service is one of the most popular Courier service. Most of the shipments under this service operate under the overnight inbound and outbound delivery services. Pick ups for this service are done throughout the day and throughout the week up to around 6pm for delivery early morning the next day. Under this service would also be some international shipments received into the country which have completed the customs clearing process for delivery to different parts of Zambia. Shipments under this service range from documents and small parcels to bulky shipments such as mining equipment and accessories.

Intra-branch Courier Services

Our clientele have branches throughout the country and within the country. This service has dedicated staff to deal with documents/parcels going to and coming from the different branches of these organisations. An example of organisations under this category is the banks, insurance companies, manufacturing companies and government institutions.

Public Holiday & Weekend Special Courier Services

Some times there is a need to courier documents and parcels during public holidays or late Saturdays and Sundays. At Walter genius Limited, we always have somebody on call to help deal with these pick ups and deliveries. Our Hotline is always open to such demands and we are able to deal with these circumstances on request.

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