Repair & Return Shipments

This is a service which is very common with the mining industry, manufacturing and agricultural industry. With repair and return service client may have received a shipment from their supplier which is defective or they may have had the equipment for some and it becomes defective and they wish to have it repaired or exchanged, in such cases we collect the shipments from the clients? premises and export them to their intended destinations either by Airfreight or Road freight a choice which is given to the client to decide. The following are expected from the client before the normal repair and return process can begin;


  • Original bill of entry
  • Original customs declared invoice with part numbers or serial numbers


We arrange all documentation for shipments to be returned with customs and make a refundable deposit until the shipments are exported out of the country for repairs. Once the shipment has been worked on we arrange for the collection to be done through our international partners and manage the customs process until the consignment is delivered back to our client.


Repair and return shipments are usually heavy and need a specific type of transportation to move.

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