Domestic & International

We have partnered with world class Regional and International courier service providers. Under this network, we are able to collect consignments from different countries and facilitate the importation process until delivery.


Shifting can be quite a headache. We are here as Walter genius to lessen the burden. We have customized a service that assists pack your furniture in well labeled and secure packages. Moving premises has never been easier!

Customs Clearing

We are a member of the Customs clearing and Freight Forwarding agents Association of Zambia (CCFFAZ). This enables us to do our own customs clearances and offer a one stop Courier, Freight and customs clearing service.

Strategic Objectives


  • Build organizational capacity through knowledge management, focussed planning and dedicated teamwork.
  • Use our technical experience, systems and controls to ensure delivery of efficient service to compliment and accommodate the different environments in which our clients employ.
  • Achieve a satisfactory level of growth to ensure the continuity and stability of our company.


  • Invest in the adaptation of global technological trends which meets our customers’ future expectation.
  • Offer a diversity of solutions to meet our customers varied needs through the various courier services tailor made to their requirements.


  • Lead by example
  • To foster flexibility
  • To create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect and enable dependability


  • Be a passionate partner to our customers’ delivery challenges
  • Increase the degree of satisfaction of our customer experiences with our delivery solutions and services
  • To lead by continuous development in new technology and methods of delivery and service to exemplify our values, and enable honest and respectable business which will lead to our growth and place us above the rest


Walter Genius serves its customers through a total commitment to service, excellence and customer satisfaction. With this commitment we will ensure quality services to both internal and external customers. Through the involvement of our people we will continuously improve our services, processes and systems with teamwork, innovation and visionary leadership.


Our scope and scale of experience within this field has led to the establishment of an extensive client base in both the public and private sectors, including the Government of Zambia, Banking and Finance Industry, International Donor Agencies and funding institutions including the most dynamic private sector enterprises. We have also gone a step further to cater for individuals who move cargo to and from other countries and treat their businesses exactly the same way we would consignments from established


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